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nth_trees the unlimited possibilities of the word: nth digri

The nth digri, is inspired by his Caribbean and Canadian heritage, hip-hop culture, and the African griot tradition. He produced WordLife, a poetry and music compilation of top African Canadian spoken word artists. His record, Tales of the North Coast, was nominated for a Canadian Urban Music Award and a Harry Jerome Award. He produced the Ottawa spoken word series, Golden Star Lounge, and led a team to Chicago for the National Poetry Slam, where his poem Sugar Cane was selected for the Best of the 2004 NPS anthology. He co-founded the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word, the first national slam poetry tournament in Canada, and was recognized the Festival’s Male Poet of Honour in 2010. As well, he is one of the founders of the African Canadian spoken word artists collective, the Northern Griots Network. He has performed in Canada, the Unites States, and the Caribbean. His most recent record, south is north, is available for sale on bandcamp.


RevWord is spoken word poetry, with an urban asymmetry
Production and vocals, cross waters international and local
Publication of the timeless, momentary and momentous
Verses beyond limits, with the freedom dynamics

Poetry for cRevWord Logohange
The Revolutionary Word


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