Who am I?


Just sent in my bio for the BCP Poetry Anthology due to come out in 2013 from Frontenac House. Put together by Scruffmouth, with an introduction from GE Clarke: that alone sounds intriguing and very promising! The bio was to be no more than 40 words, and so here is what I wrote:

African, Trinidadian, Breton, and some Taino
mixed down in Parry Sound, and Ottawa, Ontario
heroes Irving and Anne-Marie, mentors Lillan and Kali
founded festivals, exchanges, series, with great friends and talented colleagues
legacy like N’x Step, NorthCoast, WordLife, south-north griots

Fitting, I figure, as the new RevWord spot’s first entry! To meet the maximum, the bio turned into one mysterious poem. As if identity could be summed in 40 words, when words are jewels. Might as well sum up justice in the promise of 40 acres and a mule! On the bright side, it yielded a brief bunch of points to expand upon, in good time, thru audio visuals or rhyme, and that’s on the horizon. The sun sets, and it also rises.

Coming up next: ’50 going strong,’ a tribute to T&T fifty years (and beyond!) of Independence.


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