Glowing (for those who love pepper)



words tingle in my mouth like habaneros
aflame with meaning, peppery in their intent
heated verses that no amount of liquid could quench
one scotch bonnet of a statement leaving sensations so stingingly perfect
they exclaim scalding rings of pain that inflame my gums
swell my lips, pulse a delicious agony throughout my body
and squeeze beads of perspiration down my face
squint my eyes with the intensity of vowels mouthed silently
a poetry so fiery that it causes me to gasp like an asthmatic
wheeze a silent J for jalapeno
scorching a trail of wordplay through my vocal array
blazing like a curry madras or njira torched with mitmita
with a grand finale featuring tamales and chilis
jerked to the point of tears, my sinuses drained, nostrils flared
from utterances best made only on a dare
choruses sprung from bottles with no labels
drop by drop of molten orange, basting taste buds in a blast furnace
deadly earnest, staining fingertips with indelible traces of sizzling lyrics
planting a pepperseed riddim in gardens of firebrands
who could season properly a stew of words so spiced
with life and love of degrees unknown
barometers blown


nth digri, 2012


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