going strong remix


Here’s the lyrics of a track I’ll be releasing jus now. It’s called “Going Strong.” It’s a celebration of the 50th anniversary of Independence of Trinidad and Tobago, but extended to also be a

Oh, and maybe jus a bit gimmicky , but jus for the joy, the first letter of each verse (more or less) spells out FIFTY!

bit of a sing-song mediation of the complexity of roots, especially in a Caribbean context. Namely, we know there is the violence and oppression of the slavery/colonial era, but also a history prior to that, too (Indigenous, African, Indian, etc.), plus that out of it all came this very creative and unique culture (manifest in steel pan, calypso, roti, etc.). So, you emerge from the negative with something that is positive, and that is to be celebrated, without glossing over the very real divisions and tensions of the post-colonial era with emerging statehood. The future is by no means going to be an easy ride, but to be looked forward to, nonetheless – we still here going strong, so let’s rise to the challenges as unified as we can be! I guess that, in a personal sense, we go through some tough times, and try and emerge- if not stronger, or even wiser, at least as resilient survivor. We accept these times as just as much a part of us as the good times, try and keep our sense of humour intact and, come what may, enjoy the ride!

I also put in some links here and there (like to the blog on the Carib community of Arima).

From the past to the future to the present beyond
See we at 50, going strong!

If the Taino never cross the Bocas
Arima won’t have they cultural focus
And if you  don’t have the ships of the Spanish
Christmas won’t have a parang chorus

I am from the blood of Guinea, Ashanti
I am drumbeat and tales of Anansi
I rise from the graveyard trans-Atlantic
Rise like Maroon from the cane I planting

If the French never come and settle
Would we play mas for Carnival?
And if you don’t have Indian arrival
No roti or cultivation in Central

T&T is where the people mingling
Making sugar for the tea that they love in England
But after the war, the movement building
In man like Butler, James and Williams

Why the dream still going strong?
Why the beauty of the pan and the kaiso song?
How we could laugh even when things going wrong?
Why the road so sweet but the journey hard and long?


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