In 1946


(4 my Earth)

in 1946

in 1946, you were a question mark
a potential phrased in a smile
an extra mile
a restless sea and tall ships
starlight yet unseen
but long since shone
a brilliant dawn
foreshadowed in dusk, wild musk and drumskin
a resonance
of shak-shaks, and iron pinged with spoonsticks
oil barrels coaxed by flame
to sing in tune with badjohns refrain
you were the reason the earth spins
an altitude of andes and himalayas
with air pure and thin
your heatbeat was a rimshot that echoed for eons
escalated, courageous
mid january at 4 in the morning
at the corner of portage and main
the love of earth for water
your thoughts were cradled in the womb
of your great grandmother
celebrated in her handclaps and hopscotch
in the grace of young girls
a halo of curls
sunrays peering through a garden of uncharted rainforests
accompanied by the melody of a infant’s dialect
a passionfruit kissed by seabreeze
your height was tall
standing on the shoulders of your ancestors
with the strength of their laughter
soft footsteps on sacred ground
begun in majesty
sketched in the book of life
as general, princess, superstar
nicknamed mighty, a defiance to whips
containing the memory of greatness sung by griots
your voice was foretold in their harmonics
in 1946


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