The Neighbourhood


The Neighbourhood

The neighbourhood
it’s a living thing
with a pulse, a pace, like a puzzle with a rhythm
set in motion
a brew of backstreets, a potion
of sidewalks and signs, it’s got its own design
Parks and playgrounds
take a look around
just roads and pavement, concrete and buildings
people passing buy a backdrop of things?
No, there’s a feeling
a certain kind of meaning
they all mark out a history
may seem like a mystery
to some who come in from the outside
And then there’s the freaky side
I mean the guys, talking to nobody
seems like no bird in their trees
them and reality sometimes disagree
But they fit in, nobody has to get them in a plan
cuz to live and let live is how it stands
And then the summer sun blaze up, hot and direct
so I step, see the sites, ride a bike, go where I like!
Shades, shorts, t-shirt, and running shoes on
and in my head, there’s a thousand different songs
Inner beat, as I ride, I take this as my countryside
neighbourhood’s got poetry, diversity and style
Yeh, so many parts to this funky city space
so many thoughts and personality
to each and every face



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