Sunlit visors


Sunlit visors
strain light from yellow forecasts
muffled radio broadcasts
and detonate blasts on the surface of the earth’s skin
scarred, red clay and black soil baked and charred
auto-carred, vehicular manslaughter of stars
grandmothers and daughters
stare down from heaven and shed celestial tears
radiant, veiled in night sky like evening dinner wear
jewelled in sun clusters, bless earthneed with rain like
tainted breast milk, from grey clouds
sulpher-laced, toxic and boxed-in
form shapes resembling a champion
who declined to fight in Viet Nam
while the homeland heart-race
from fallen towers and snipers in white vans
born of the violence that exiled Geronimo to dusty wastelands
deserted, faith blown away like exhaust from tailpipes
and the force exerted
as ghetto freshmen become fresh-meat marines
herded like dolphins trapped in dragnets of tuna and sardines
hardknocks, and hardrocks, barely five feet tall
pose with their backs up against walls
dreaming of custom rims and red gold
descendants of b-boys in creased jeans and kangols
cripwalk and slangtalk, as ciphers unfold
meanings lost in papyrus scrolls
since the supposed death of osiris
and the closing of the third lens, clouding over of the iris
glaucoma fogging up the windows of the soul
blurred lens shoot a bluesdance, with girls all skin-out at 12 years old
down from the get-go, american idols raised on sailor moon
and steroid-pumped food, enter puberty too damn soon, and sport
Sunlit visors
with logos that speak of places where its no go
for those who got their hair done up in dreadlocks or cornrows
sons of servants boxed out of boardrooms of public service
and high tech giants that lock worthless
rrsps into fits of epilepsy and forced retirement
as immigrants flood across a border of razor wire
that hide shotgun lookouts who spy on free trade factories
fumes of corruption that offend the olfactory
glands swollen, throat inflamed from pepper sprays
and stress raised by anthrax hoaxes, pollen and flame
spit by dragons on coats of arms
pushing nicotine delivery systems, with surgeons warning harm
cartoon camels that tease the youths
playing on pesticide-green grass boosted at the roots
to grow quadruplet-strong, faster than drugged embryos
in forty-five year olds
who scan the melting tundra through
Sunlit visors
hurricane-swept lagoons, and coral broken in a chorus
of sighs, littered with red containers of oversized fries
opaque, as seen through a filter clogged with algae
hazy, memories interwoven with nightmares of rosemary’s baby
flashback to a time that’s deathstar clean
antiseptic, an escape as reality gets more hectic
toddlers wear ultraviolet protection resembling french foreign legion
whose bosses export barges of contagion
to third world dictators leashed on contract
infected from the contact
selling populations into captivity worse than the middle passage
only this time, they fully know what they do, so are not forgiven
battalions of martyrs cry livity, search for some sanity
shocked by the mass marketing of vanity, and
Sunlit visors
deflect gamma rays
that arc crazily off into space
in hopes of a better place=
where we nurture today as the seed of tomorrow
where the wisdom of elders put collective wellness over greed
to meet the children’s need
great grandchildren
who squint to catch a glimpse of their legacy
in the purple sunset
reflected off
Sunlit visors

© nth digri


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