the Matrix don’t work



Klik klak!
they reloaded
a binary sneak attack
a digital mirage like a holograph
a hallucinogenic mindtrap
but the matrix don’t work on Blacks
gets tangled in the naps
ultramagnetic pulsations emanating from
helical coils causing sentinels to recoil and
malfunction in the rhythmic junction of handclap and fingersnaps
klik klak!
they shootin?
yeh, but don’t mind that
cuz the Matrix don’t work on Blacks

Jus rip the socket out my cortex
cuz my melanocytes swirl
mad genetic algorithms into a vortex of proportions
similar to afros on panthers, the blackest of cats
graceful like breakdancers
with moves to fool an IBM Big Blue in a chess match
checkmate sucker, so take that!
do the math, gorgeous like the mind of Morpheus
the metamorphoses of pharaohs like Thutmoses into
street geniuses that resonate to choruses sung to
time-travelling drums like that old boombap
true dat, underground treasures like rhyme notebooks
buried Zion deep, in the bottom of backpacks
rare grooves and hot wax
the energy crackling from a mic, two turntables and a 4 track
graphic like a flashback to Grandmaster Flash
with the fury to deflect laser rays
and reject implants and alla dat
it’s a fact
cuz the Matrix don’t work on Blacks

Suffers tricknological setbacks and short term memory loss
like heads blunted in bonnets knotted with dreads and turban headwraps
circuitry sizzled and seized up broken like brittle teeth of afro picks
from the tightly frizzled cornrows and braids of unknown tribes
from the favelas of Rio to the ghettos of LA saying fa shizzle
while grizzled elders in Soweto teach neo bandeleros how to survive
and buss rhymes to the basslines of township jive
and tear down posters selling skin cream and Big Macs
sold by Samurai legends in the guise of Tom Cruise or Tom Hanks
staring through infrared night goggles from tanks
that visualize the world as green data like DOS screens
with flashing blips of collateral casualties
that get deleted without the sound of screams,
but detailed endlessly on videophone playback
go way back
to pioneer wetdreams represented in shifts in so-called reality
historical anomalies, like David Carradine
impersonating Bruce Lee, remember that?
artificial constructs like Lawrence of Arabia or Prester John on camelback
get killed softly by the soul sounds of Roberta Flack
or the funk from a Car Wash sound track played on beta max
obsolete and incomplete, say a throwback
don’t you know dat?
the Matrix don’t work on Blacks

Architects cannot comprehend so do not respect
the intellect and arithmetic that could erect timeless monuments
at Ghiza, Kush, or Karnak
I say Ye Krick, you say Ye Krak
Ye Krik (Ye Krak) YE KRIK! (YE KRAK!)
alright then, let’s take the night back
so long as the rich keep getting richer
on the poor people’s backs
e ain’t paying no blasted income tax
life has become so stressful there’s no way to relax
so programmed to go frenetically from residentially designated zones
that are segregated economically
to roll like clones off assembly lines into bus lines
and park and rides to stand in ten-lane wide highway traffic single file for miles
to pile into cubicle pens and stare at screens till the day ends and then
gasoline our way slowly through the grid maze of street arteries
till we reach the capillaries of subdivisions
and wolf down pre-packaged nutrition
before plugging into tell-lie-vision
and drifting into nightmares of alien invasions
with special effects anticipating matrices planned in small print in appendices
of medical encyclopaedia speaking of green monkeys and leafed through anxiously
by hypochondriacs
but the Matrix don’t work on Blacks

Bush teas are the antitheses of replicating agents dressed like men in Black
of corrupt cardinals that plot inquisition under the cover of red skullcaps
of beasts programmed and licensed to kill at will and flex a nightstick to bus kneecaps
of conditioning mechanisms masquerading as school systems
leaving kids intellectually handicapped
of flying dropkicks and shoot-em-up blockbusters flicks
sequeled endlessly to fill pockets and time and blow minds
with scenes of car chases and fiery impacts
but the matrix don’t work on Blacks
don’t work on Blacks!
don’t work on Blacks!!

Don’t it?

(c) nth digri


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