Livicated to the marchers 50 years ago, and before that, through  to today and beyond!

Daylight come, and me want go home

I’ve been working that graveyard shift, and I can’t hardly stand no more
It’s the break of dawn, so looks like I can finally go
And I got to stop at the grocery store
I got mouths to feed, and supplies are running low
But first I got to get to the bank
See if I can increase my rank
Cuz I need my light and heat, but they’re about to cut off the hydro and gas
Rent’s due, too, and my kid needs a filling in his tooth, so you know I got to pay for that
Plus a whole bunch of other bills I owe like water and phone
So I was thinking of asking for an emergency loan
Either that or get two jobs, maybe get myself cloned!
I’m trying to get something that pays more
But every time it looks like I got a foot in the door
And go for an interview, I don’t get hired no matter how well I think I do
Or how much experience and qualifications I show
So, I finally asked, “What’s going on?”
And they told me if I don’t like it, I can just
Go back

Daylight come, and me want go home

24 hours in which to earn a living wage
And there’s no lack of manpower, just a concentration of power
Loss of laws for equal pay
Means less women-power, even though they’re doing the hardest labor
And all around the globe, many people are enslaved, and some are even slave traders
Kids in despair in sweatshops when they should be in the care of educators
And with every bite of a banana or purchase of a brand name bandana
I am a collaborator
A consumer of Big Oil, or Big Sugar
From Ghana to Guyana, Delhi to Manila
You can even ask my good bredren Epah
But I heard a fella say that Massa day done
Dat dey have he on de run
And that the time soon come
For the dream that one day
We will let freedom reign
But we must have slipped back like reconstruction cuz
Many are still living in de facto debt bondage
Struggling to get by on single income or EI, or minimum wage
Working part time at something with no future
That make no use of their skills and brains
Tired of running in a rat race
Tired of always being thirsty when they look around and see there’s water for days
Of going two steps back for every one forward they take
They want a chance to move at a more human pace
Have a little time to hang with family and friends, break bread with a familiar face
Everyone’s looking for a place
That we could call

Daylight come, and me want go home

And a bunch of ripe bananas might look and smell and taste real beautiful
And I might be entertaining and have a gift that’s lyrical or musical
And my style might be classic though I’m not normally considered classical
But underneath it all, under this laid back exterior, there’s a tarantula
Who when cornered could be deadly
And there’s no inoculation for this venom cuz it’s foreign plus tricky
More like Anansi than Peter Parker
Came out from the crossing even stronger, a born survivor
Who could work all night on a drink of red bull or coffee, ain’t got money for rum
No fervor, but I’m working up a fever like H-one-en-one
No rise in wages, but must I make payments
So I got to lift and tote till morning come
And some end up in the streets and they call them bums
But they ain’t go beg for crumbs, they go collect cans in the alley
So come Mr. Tallyman, tally!
Come with your domestic schemes to plant hopes and dreams
And count out special visas for vegetable pickers
Who still recall the taste of platanos and cassava pone
Who still send barrels home to take care of their own
And run through countless calling cards to touch base by telephone
And feel that, even though they have staked their claim in this zone
Deep down in their soul, still wonder if this
Could ever be

Daylight come, and me want go home

© nth digri


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