“More Than Just Loon Calls and Moose Music, Eh?” is the slogan of FAR TOO CANADIAN, transplanted Torontonian and Barnard College student Veronica Liu’s weekly WBAR musical celebration of all things Canuck. Her playlists cover more ground than the Nunavut territory, ranging from usual suspects Tragically Hip and the Guess Who to obscurities like nth digri and the Inbreds, not to mention surprises (I bet you didn’t know that Kittie, Neil Young, and Skinny Puppy are all Canadian). And even though Veronica’s accent isn’t strong enough to warrant South Park-style ridicule, her between-song fun facts and tales from the Great White North are just as entertaining. 4 to 6 p.m. Tuesdays (time might change; check http://www.wbar.org for updates), 87.9 FM, 854-6538.



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