Breathe Deep


breathe deep 
bring forth the word from the depth of the intellect, 
name the world, and draw breath 
and breathe the rhythms that interweave and seethe 
with the force of vitality, word is the seed 
sown in the song of the griot who hails 
the deeds eternal, breathe deep and inhale 
and bring forth the sound to the sign inscribed 
breathe out the sign pronounced in your mind 
the word, the seed, the breeze in your chords 
strums a note in your throat, corresponds with your thoughts 
and aaahhhh… breathe yourself a drum 
to the rhythmic oxygenic flex of the lungs 
as word is to seed, breath is to the wind 
sound to the sign, let the dance begin 
name every last member of the tribe 
sign the memory immortal in the song of the scribe 
by the vertical gateway of a tree trunk rise 
and fall, the breath, the chest, the sighs 
the pattern of voices, of drums multiplied 
each in its own time, but fully synchronized 
span ages, song is the soil and the seed 
of the word takes root, as the name is decreed 
breathe deep, the invocation, the phrase lips shape in 
soul intonation cross nation 
as the chorus calls, innermost core resonates 
aaahhhh… as the percussion detonates 
the broken kola, notes of the kora 
celebrate life like a soul makossa 
breathe deep 
breathe deep


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