Rub-a-dub Radio


After a number of enquiries as to where people could find this track, I finally put it up on Youtube. It is a rap/dub poetry tribute to reggae radio/culture called Rub-a-dub Radio. The song featured music by Collizhun of legendary Toronto hip hop crew Nefarius, and it was recorded at Darrin Esnard’s studio on Yonge near Eglinton. It was also on the spoken word/music compilation WordLife: Tales of the Underground Griots, a seminal recording featuring many of the emerging giants of the African Canadian spoken word movement.

Here is a link to the video on Youtube: Rub-a-dub Radio

The lyrics, with a shout to my bredda Kali who helped inspire the song, is up on this site previously.

I put up the WordLife cover art on the Youtube video, as well as – at the end – a photo of Collizhun and I around the time we were performing a series of concerts to promote/celebrate the record. It was taken in the ‘Funk Factory’ studio of my friend Ziploks of the Butta Babees. located in the NDG neighbourhood of Montreal. This would be circa 1999.

Below, I am including a more recent shot of Collizhun and I in his Brooklyn apartment. Dude ain’t changed at all!!



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