Blood will Remember


[ File # csp6154066, License # 1598558 ] Licensed through in accordance with the End User License Agreement ( (c) Can Stock Photo Inc. / fusebulbMy blood is many hues
But still fused into one blood
As in out of many, one
A fusion less nuclear than extended
Namely family to dam near everyone
A gumbo, call that callaloo, plenty okro!
Seasoned with Scotch bonnet and skellion
Less mule than Cimarron, a wild stallion
Raggamuffin or Rapscallion
Jumping into gene pool parties
Invited? Most often hardly
May be why my blood runs more hardy
In protest marches floating over
Truncheons light as butterflies
Still feverish though immunized
Hot enough to sting some
With a left-right combination agile like
A champion from Bukom
Powerful like Clottey
Blood that cant done, meaning
You might cut me but I got
Powerful clotting

Thicker than water, cut from the same ancestral cloth
That could create a
 dread terminator named Lewis or Razor
A prodigal kid returning from a lifetime bid
Across lightyears of waters
A confusing stream of lost sons and daughters,
Pulsing back and forth, West and North
To arterial branches at the extremities
Frozen at the tips of capillaries of limbs
Frostbitten in need of the oxygen sprung
From an SP1200 welded to talking drum
Yeh let me talk to ’em!
My blood sacrificed in the service of cotton, sugar and rum
Splashed on glittering fragments of blood diamonds
Or wrung out of bandanas soaked in residues of cyanide & mercury poisons
In gold mines from Congo to Guyana
My blood was shed in the assassinations of Rodney and Lumumba
With terabits  of memory for this terror

Yes, my blood will remember


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