Alpha and Beta and Original



Alpha and beta and original

If alpha met beta
And came together, kinda like
From Point A to Point B
They would form
Not washboard, buff, cut, from crunches
And abdominizers and all those contraptions
I mean ab the prefix
Fixes onto words
Like original
Giving us aboriginal
Or to Normal, giving us abnormal
Abnormal, abject, abandon
Aberration, abhorrent, abominable
Nothing too uplifting there
I think the dictionary definition for abomination
Pretty much sums it up:
“Nasty and disgusting, vile, loathsome
Highly unpleasant, disagreeable
Very bad”

OK, I have left out the words abacus and abreast
And probably a few others
That didn’t fit my purpose
Besides, I’m feeling abreast is inappropriate
And abacus doesn’t count
But, let’s get back to aboriginal
What does it mean?
How is it different from original?
I think I will abstain from answering that question
And give you another little citation from Websters
New World Dictionary, 2nd College Edition:
Aboriginal: “Existing from the beginning or from earliest days, first, indigenous”
And in the same dictionary, the definition of original:
“Having to do with an origin, initial, first, earliest”
It don’t make sense, they seem to mean the same damn thing!
Except, the prefix ab is supposed to mean “away from”
Which explains how it’s so often used for something opposite, negative
Or very bad
Maybe it does make sense!
One historian says
“Initially the word aborigine probably involved some kind of disdain.”
I tend to agree
Abnormal, abject, abandon
Aberration, abhorrent, abominable

The original people of Australia have their own names
Not surprisingly enough
The Koori in Tasmania
The Nunga in South Australia
The Nyungar in Western Australia
And the Anangu in Central Australia
Among others
Names that truly describe where they are from
And seem to me to sound kinda African
And, apparently, the first word the Europeans used for original Australians
Was “Indians”
And seeing as I am brown, have curly hair, and my background is West Indian
Mixed with some Carib Indian
I feel like we could be cousins
I mean, I have cousins that look less like me than an original Australian
I feel like we could even be brothers
Plus, I always cheer for the underdog!

There were so-called Aboriginal people who lived on an island called Tasmania
Most of us know it though bugs bunny cartoons
The Tasmanian devil, a real nasty, ferocious fella
In 1803, when the British came to the island
There were 4 to 5 thousand
Tasmanian people
In about 30 years, they were apparently wiped out
Truganini, the last original Tasmanian
Died in 1876
Against her will, but as she guessed before her death
Her skeleton had been shown to the public
In a museum
Which is abominable
Not to mention abnormal
An aberration, and abhorrent

Which reminds me of a woman who was labelled
The Hottentot Venus
A very sad story, having to do with
Khoi San people
Who are the original inhabitants of the
Southern tip of Africa
Also called Bushmen
Or, in a general way, natives
Which reminds me:
Did you know that the so-called
Aborigines, first called “Indians”
Were put on reserves in the 1900s?
And that children were taken away from their parents to be raised in
State institutions
That they were left to live in abject poverty?
That fetal alcohol syndrome causes
Spontaneous abortion of their babies?
That not until 1967 was the law that prevented them from being citizens
In their own original land
That they were so absolutely

We make our words with letters
From what we call the alpha bet
If alpha met beta
And came together, kinda like
From Point A to Point B
They would form
Ab, the prefix
Fixes onto words
Like original
Giving us
The absurd word


(c) nth digri 2015


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