Chicago and Mars


Chicagbarack-obama-space2o and Mars are alright tonight
They dance in a deep space soul train line
Whose destination lies on the south side of the milky way
Where Masai gather herds on pastures green as cabrini, under twin moonlight
And sight celestial formations from entirely different perspectives
Atop flight decks of inverted pyramids
In scripts resembling Dogon hieroglyphs
They issue ambiguous birth certificates
Meaning the conspiracy theories weren’t off by much, a mere 56 million km
Namely the length of his planned freeway beyond the stars, cuz
Michelle may be from Chicago,
But Barack is from Mars!

This explains everything, like why so many Black yankees had difficulty warming up to the brother, Explains the lanky frame reminiscent of a 7 foot Nigerian in battle with Yaphet Koto
Explains the left handed jump shot, the mindset chill as a Vulcan approach, the ears like Dumbo
Explains his unearthly focus on NASA rebuilding, shuttles, telescopes and space stations
Why travel to Mars seems to be his driving ambition, and kind of strange considering
He’d be too old decades from now for interstellar vacationing
Unless he ages differently from the rest of us, his kin folk
Skinfolk stationed in orbits both far out and locally, Orion to Jakarta, Pandora to Nairobi
Unless he’s only faking the grey hair with something like just for men in reverse,
Advanced follicular technology from a next sector of the universe
Secure in the knowledge he could jedi mind trick Americans to dismiss trumped up charges
As laughable, tiny fisted tantrums, slap down weak tea party theories as half-assed
As if any Black man actually a man at all, even a half caste, could rise to heights of POTUS
Pharoah Of The Universal Sirians, aka Sirius System Zulu Nation
Loyal to Isis plus Osiris, founders of the true shining city whey dem call Wagadu
Ancestorz of the great Negus
Secure in the knowledge remaining secret that bin laden was a longtime adversary
From a rival galaxy, a marooned fellow traveler, a shapeshifter
A lightbender able to blend into sand, cave and mountain,
Sussing him out with bandelero precision deadly as bounty killer on a soundclash mission
With Anansi type spider senses tingling
Secure in the knowledge hidden from those without xray vision
To see as clear and as far
That while Michelle is from Chicago, huh!
Barack is from Mars

His ID is no real mystery
A riddle written simply into a backward reading of his alias: Karab
Inscribed many dynasties ago, his epic poem
Woven through time to reimagine new world dreams
Deflect transatlantic schemes, blood enterprise of the Indies, phasers set on funk
Restore abandoned rides like red planet rovers with rims of indigo blue
Spangled with grafitti-laced space junk
His vibe so laid back yet light years ahead of lynch mob threats of toads and trolls
Who croak incoherently for his head
My president is Black, freestyled the inner city Griots, though they sensed it too
The way he never put on weight even after
Knocking back plate upon plate of ham hocks, hominy grits and other so called soul food
Knocking on heavens door, looking skyward like ET, to his home
Knocking like a quasar, pulse regular controlled as Nile floods roll
To go embarking on adventure like Nubian Princes of the 25th: Taharka
Or a 30th century Songhai royal turned admiral: Abubakari
Manifest a near forgotten destiny
Sailing thru nebula by virtue of xtended space travel technology,
Cyrogenic pods and stamina like sigourney
His djeli a Klingon singing praise
In dark, Darth Vader tones deep as Isaac Hayes
With a midnight robber on keyboards
And bass played by a dreadlock predator,
On djembe, some shadowy dude straight outta Mordor
Aka a nex Nat Turner or ouverture or Mau Mau version 2
This mixed Hawaian kid from the Harvard Law review
Knocking on the door with the audacity
To take on the combined might of Bill and Hillary
Now sets his sights long and sharp as laser lights on interstellar luxury cars
True, Michelle is from Chicago
But Barack, see, he’s from Mars!