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The Northern Griots Network is a collective of Canadian spoken word artists, founded in the Summer of 2003,  which functions as a network of culturally diverse spoken word poets and poetry presenters. Our members operate and perform in spoken word series in such Canadian cities as Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver. One of our priorities is to assist African Canadian spoken word poets in accessing resources and information that can help develop their skills and careers.

In 2003, the NGN organized and supported an Xchange tour, a series of poetry events across Canada which provide poets from matched cities to travel and perform. The performances took place from September, 2003 to February, 2004, and involved performances in cities across Canada. We were assisted by the Canada Council for the Arts, and by the efforts of our members, in the spirit of unity and collective development. In 2013, a group of African Canadian spoken word poets traveled to Trinidad & Tobago to take part in the Cascadoo Festival, performing, delivering workshops, and discussing with our Caribbean colleagues. And, in 2015, a number of Caribbean poets and presenters, along with those from the US, UK,South America, and across Canada, gathered in Toronto at the end of May for the South-North Griots Summit. This landmark event builds on the NGN vision to support our commitment to furthering the art of spoken word poetry in Canada and abroad.

For more information on the Northern Griots Network, visit:

And for information on the 2015 South-North Griots Summit, go to


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