Red Pen


I wrote this nightmarish type of interior travelogue in red pen, which was all I could borrow at the time. It somehow seemed appropriate, given the context: I had blood solidifying and stating IV tubes stuck into both hands (well, actually, one was right in the crook of my arm, which made writing quite a challenge!).

My working title was “Note to Self,” which is more or less the way the whole things began, as in “let me just write down this observation for a second and I can get back to it later,” but since I had a whole lot of time on my hands, as in 24 hour bedrest, and it started flowing unstoppably out of me, I just kept writing.

I might get to changing the title eventually, except that it is written into the poem!! Because it is more of a story than poem – as if we should ever see the two as mutually exclusive! – I think I would like to see it animated one day. Kind of like Jeru’s video, The Prophet! Anyhow, here is the link

Note to Self


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